Antacid Powder

Re-lax provides relief from the discomfort of acidity. Re-lax's proven formula gently relaxes the cramped muscles of the digestive tract, thereby relieving the spasms that cause stomach pain.

Re-lax is instant acting antacid, refreshing temporary relief for stomach upsets and heart burn.

  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Rock Sugar
  • added permitted lemon flavor (Only in Re-lax Lemon).

One Sachet with a glass of plain water after meal, two or three times in a day or in the symptoms of Acidity or as advised by Registered Medical Practitioner.

Pack Size:

Sachet  of 5 gm. (Regular and Lemon)

Also available : Money Saver Packs of 6 Sachets (Regular and Lemon).

Tips: Consume immediately after the sachet is opened.