Zap-it Belladonna Plaster

Relieves from backaches, Muscle, Stifness, Swelling Pain, Mumps and Boils.

0.25% of Belladonna Extract

In Plaster Mass Q.S. 100%

Direction of Application:-

  • Clean the affected part with soap and water.
  • Dry the skin throughly.
  • Remove protective film from plaster.
  • Cover aching part with the plaster and smooth out with hard.
  • The plaster can be worn for several days.

Direction for Removal:-

  • Loosen one corner and take away in quickly jerks.
  • If preferred moisten with a small piece of cotton with surgical spirit, turn back one end of the plaster slightly and drop a little spirit to make the plaster come off easily.


  • Contain Belladonna Extract
  • Perforated Plaster Size 10x17cm
  • Pouch pack :- 1x10 Plaster