Zinc Supplement

Vim-Z is a combination of Dextrose, Vitamin-c & zinc Powder.

Dextrose provides 1/8th of the daily requirements of calories from carbohydrates. Dextrose readily gets assimilated and gives energy to overcome fatigue. Zinc is a vital element for nuliec acid synthesis which hepls in healing wounds and gives you energy. Vitamin-C, a known immuno stimulant helps in adjusting stress, helps antibodies formation and improves phagocytosis, leading to increase resistance against infections.

Vim-Z is energy drink with exciting flavor and tingling taste.

  • Dextrose
  • Sucrose
  • Vitamin-C
  • Zinc Sulphate
  • Permitted Orange Flavor
  • Natural added Color

Dissolve 35 gm in 200 ml of plain water and consume once or twice a day to gain immunity.

Pack Size: Box Pack of 105 gm, 210 gm & 500 gm.

Cautions: Store in Cool & dry Place.

                    Diabetic Patients are advisable to intact under medical