Moisturizing Cream

Flower Valley Moisturizing Cream nourishes and protects your skin daily with Certified Organic Aloe Vera all over, enriched with herbal extracts and vitamin E. This high-potency formulation is designed to deliver essential nutrients and to replenish lost moisture.

Flower Valley Moisturizing Cream results in lack of body and skin complexion, pimple, darkness under eye, skin blemishes, darkening of face and body skin, for prevention of wrinkles and aging due to exposure to extreme UV radiation, for improvement of skin texture and rejuvenating of skin cells.

  • Wheatgerm Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Extract (Cucumber Or Aleovera)
  • Moisturizing Cream base

Apply Cream smoothly over skin until well absorbed, concentrate on dry/rough spots like elbows, knees and heels.

Pack Size: Bottle of 6 ml, 25 ml & 50 ml.

Caution: Flower Valley Body Lotion is for external use only.